The Dictionary Menu

The Dictionary option available on the main menu provides access to a number of different functions pertaining to the management of data dictionaries. Each of the selections is detailed in the following paragraphs.


As discussed and utilized earlier, the Select option is used to select an existing data dictionary from the Select a Dictionary dialog.


The Register option is utilized to register a new data dictionary in the Object Repository, making it available for selection. The Register an Existing Dictionary dialog box appears when this command is issued. You can then provide details about the dictionary to be registered.


Unregister removes the registration of a data dictionary in the Object Repository The dictionary itself is not affected by this command; it will simply not appear in the Select a Dictionary dialog.

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The New option is used to create a new dictionary As seen earlier, a dialog box requesting the details of the new dictionary is displayed.


The Delete option is a destructive command that will delete the specified data dictionary file. The deletion is performed through the Delete a Dictionary dialog box.

Import from Database

The Import from Database option allows you to import table schema information from an existing database into a new or updated data dictionary The dialog box that appears, Import Database, is used to determine the column attributes that you want to import into the data dictionary as attribute sets.

Import from File

Similar to the previous command, the Import from File option imports table schema information. This command works with information contained in a flat file rather than a data-dictionary file format. The flat file format that it recognizes is the Borland Dictionary Export file extension (.BDX). This type of file is created using the Export to File command from the same menu.

Export to File

This command exports a data dictionary to a flat file format. As explained above, the flat file can be imported using the Import from File command.

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