Max Length

You will use the MaxLength property to limit the number of characters that can be entered through the DBMemo control. When the value of the property is set to 0, the default value, there are no limits in place. if a maximum length is entered, the underlying memo field is safe; no text is truncated or lost. The limitation is meaningful only within the scope of the control itself.


The text displayed in the DBMemo control is not constrained by the size of the component. Because of this it can easily be hidden from view off to the side or past the bottom of the editing region of the control. The ScrollBars property determines what, or if, any scroll bars are displayed along with the text. The developer has the option of adding single scroll bars to either the bottom or right side of the control or adding both simultaneously. The scroll bars are not automatic and are displayed at all times, even if they are not needed to display the text.

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