Key Properties

There are a number of properties of interest published by the DBMemo component. Mostly centered on the display characteristics of the text exhibited by the component, properties are also available to help with the application's performance.


The Alignment property determines how the displayed text is displayed within the controls frame. The text can be Left-justified, Right-justified, or Centered.


AutoDisplay, similar to the function it performs for the DBImage control, determines whether or not the contents of the graphic BLOB are automatically displayed. If the property value is True, when a dataset is browsed from row to row, the contents of the BLOB field are automatically displayed. Depending on the amount of text contained in the dataset's field, the process of displaying it could be slow and lengthy.

If the performance of the application suffers when displaying the blocks of text, the value of AutoDisplay can be set to False. Rather than displaying the text block, the field name is displayed in the control. The user may view the underlying text by double-clicking on the DBMemo control.

The developer must be cautious in utilizing this property. The value displayed by the DBMemo control is the value of the component's Text property. When the text block is not displayed, the value of the Text property is a string representing the field name. If the value is queried for a particular string that may exist in the BLOB object, a false negative response may be returned.

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