Database Explorer

The Database Explorer is a utility shipped with Delphi that incorporates a hierarchical database browser with data editing capabilities. The utility is also the gateway to the creation and manipulation of data dictionaries for Delphi datasets. A data dictionary is a special database that contains the attribute sets for field components. The tool ships in three different flavors with two different names, depending on the version of Delphi in use. The Desktop and Developer versions of Delphi receive the Database Explorer while the Client/Server version is shipped with the SQL Explorer. Their capabilities differ commensu-rately with the database access capabilities offered with each version. The Database Explorer that accompanies the Desktop edition accesses local databases only, while the Developer edition gains access to the Local Interbase Server and ODBC-compliant databases. In addition, the data dictionary is enabled. The Client/Server version of Delphi ships with the SQL Explorer, giving the developer extended capabilities with access to a full range of SQL databases, both local and remote.

Chapter 4—The Borland Database Engine and the Database Utilities ■ 93

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