No Docking Please

Sometimes you don't want a particular window to be dockable. As nice as dockable windows are, sometimes it's hard to find a location to place a window when you don't want it docked. It seems like anywhere you try to put the window it wants to dock to something. The good news is that you can shut off the docking capability of any tool window.

Each of the dockable tool windows has a menu item at the bottom of its context menu called Dockable. If Dockable is checked, the window is dockable. If Dockable is not checked, the window is not dockable and you can place it anywhere in the IDE.

The dockable windows in the Delphi IDE are a great feature. You can arrange the tool windows you use most often in any way you want. You no longer have to go hunting for a Project Manager, Watch List, or Object Inspector hidden under other windows. The window you are looking for is just a couple of mouse clicks away.

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