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You can't talk about dockable windows without talking about dock sites. Sure, you can undock a window and drag it around on the screen, dropping it wherever you want. That just makes for a bunch of scattered windows all over your screen, though. In order for dockable windows to make sense, you have to have a place to dock them. In the Delphi IDE that usually means the Code Editor window.

The Code Editor has three dock sites. One dock site is along the left side of the Code Editor window. This dock site is where the Code Explorer is docked when you first start Delphi. Another dock site is along the bottom of the Code Editor window. The default Delphi configuration places the Message window in the bottom dock site (although you don't see the Message window unless there are messages to display). The third Code Editor dock site is along the left edge of the Code Editor window. These three dock sites are really all you need to fully customize the IDE.

There is one other type of dock site that I want to mention. If you have a tool window open (such as the Project Manager), you can dock another tool window to it. This enables two or more Delphi windows to be hosted within the same tool window. For example, the Code Explorer and Project Manager can both be docked in the same floating tool window. A floating tool window has five dock sites: right, left, top, bottom, and center.

When you dock a window to the center of a tool window, the tool window becomes a tabbed window. Each tab in the window contains the title of the window that tab represents. I realize that doesn't make a lot of sense, so in just a bit I'll show you how to dock two tool windows together.

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