Understanding Project Options

Project options are another of those things that are easy to ignore. For one thing, the defaults are usually good enough when you are just starting out. After all, who has time to worry about all those compiler/linker options when you are just struggling to learn a new programming environment? At some point, though, you will start to become more interested in what all those options do, and it's good to have some reference when the time comes.

In this section we'll look at the Project Options dialog box. You can invoke this dialog box by choosing Options | Project from the main menu, pressing Alt+F6 on the keyboard, or choosing Options from the Project Manager speed menu. The Project Options dialog box is a tabbed dialog box with several pages:

The Project Explorer window is a Windows tree view, and as such has the same characteristics as most tree views. Specifically, you can change the text of a particular item in the Project Explorer by clicking once on the item to select it and clicking again to begin editing. This is called in-place editing. By using this method you don't have to use the Rename item on the speed menu at all. If you attempt to change the name of an item that cannot be changed via the Project Explorer (a source file, for example), the results of the in-place edit will be ignored.

Be careful when deleting objects from the Project Explorer window. The Project Explorer does not have an Undo or Undelete option, so if you delete an object via the Project Explorer by accident, you will have to close the project without saving it and then reopen the project.











We'll take a look at each page of the dialog box so that you can understand exactly what each page does. I'll start you out easy by discussing the Forms and Application pages. After that we'll move on to the more complicated stuff.


At the bottom of each page of the Project Options dialog box is a check box labeled Default. If you want the current settings to become the default settings for all new projects created, check the Default box. When you click OK, the current settings will become the new default settings.

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