The Inherit method of usage is similar to Copy, but with one important distinction: The new object is still tied to the base object. If you modify the base object, the newly created object will be updated to reflect the changes made to the base object. The inverse is not true, however. You can modify the new object without it having any effect on the base object.

To illustrate this type of object usage, consider the following scenario: Frequently, information managers will create a spreadsheet in a spreadsheet program and use the contents of that spreadsheet in a word processing program in order to present a report. They will usually opt to link the data to the spreadsheet when pasting from the Clipboard or importing the spreadsheet into the word processor. That way, when changes are made to the spreadsheet, the word processing document is automatically updated to reflect the new data. In the same way, changes made to a base form will automatically be reflected in all forms inherited from the base form. Use the Inherit option when you want to have several forms based on a common form that might change at some point. Any changes in the base form will be reflected in all inherited forms.

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