Add the Customized Print Preview Form to your Project

1 Select the View | Project Manager option from the Delphi main menu.

2 Right-click over rbMainProj and select the Add... menu option.

3 Locate rbPrvDlg.pas in the My RB Tutorials directory and add it to the project.

4 Right-click over rbMainProj and select the Options... menu item.

5 Select the Forms tab and move the rbPrintPre-view form from the Auto-create list to the Available forms list.

6 Select Project | Compile rbMainProj. Fix any compilation problems.

Application Tutorials

7 Select File | Save from the Delphi main menu.

8 Run the application. When you preview the report, you should see the customized form instead of the standard ReportBuilder Print Preview form.

You can add all of the tutorial reports to this project in the same way that we added this one. In order to see a version of this application that includes all of the tutorial reports, open the rbMainProj project in the RBuilder\Tutorials directory.

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