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From the Win32 tab, all components appear in VCL for .NET. Missing from the System tab are OleContainer, DdeClientConv, DdeClientltem, DdeServerConv, and DdeServerltem components. Even the Win 3.1 tab from VCL is present in VCL for .NET, with the exception of the TDBLookupList and TDBLookupCombo components. Finally, the Dialogs tab is completely present in VCL for .NET.

Based on these components, we can pick a number of the standard sample applications that ship with Delphi 7 and open them with Delphi for .NET.


We can start with the sample application in the Delphi7\Demos\Ownerlist directory, consisting of four files: FontDraw.dpr, FontDraw.res, FontList.pas, and FontList.dfm. Delphi for .NET can open .bdsproj files (the Delphi for .NET project files) as well as Win32-style .dpr project files. If you open FontDraw.dpr in the Delphi for .NET IDE, you can immediately compile the project to a native .NET executable. You might notice warnings, which are mainly platform-specific (caused because the VCL is based on the Windows platform). But these warnings are nothing to worry about; the resulting application is still a native .NET executable, as can be seen in Figure 2:

System Fonts


Arial Black

Arial Narrow


Book Antiqua

Bookman Old Style

Century Gothic

Comic Sans MS H

Courier Courier New CourierThai Default

Comic Sans MS

Figure 2: OwnerDraw sample application for .NET

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