For a more complex sample application, you can use a VCL data module, which also migrates to VCL for .NET without problems. Like Frames, Data Modules offer VCL for .NET developers a powerful means to group and manage components that belong together within a single container (either the frame or the data module).

Web applications

Many powerful new technologies are available within the Microsoft .NET Framework. Some of these new technologies, such as ASP.NET, make current Win32 technologies either unnecessary or obsolete. This section discusses the technologies available to build Web server applications offered by Delphi 7, and explains if and how they are available to use in VCL for .NET applications with Delphi for .NET.

The ASP.NET technology of the .NET Framework enables developers to build Web server applications that can be visually designed and have the deployment ease of a CGI executable, while retaining the speed and efficiency of an ISAPI DLL. This means that the need to migrate WebBroker, InternetExpress, or WebSnap applications to the .NET world is expected to be nonexistent. Maintain those web server projects in Delphi 7, and start new development using Delphi for .NET and ASP.NET.

For more information about ASP.NET development with Delphi for .NET, see the BDNtv Flash movie at,1410,31890,00.html , which demonstrates the development of an ASP.NET Web application using the Borland Data Provider for InterBase and the Borland® DB Web Controls. This BDNtv movie also shows how easy it can be to migrate a Delphi Win32 application to the Microsoft .NET Framework with Delphi for .NET

Delphi 7 included IntraWeb 5, a third-party tool, which is migrated to .NET and available as IntraWeb for .NET. Existing IntraWeb applications can be expected to migrate to IntraWeb for .NET with few to no problems. Note, however, that IntraWeb for .NET is not included with Delphi for .NET.

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