Delphi 7 projects that rely on frames migrate to Delphi for .NET without problems, as you can see in Figure 6 with the BDE frames sample application.

Figure 6: BDE FishFact and Frames sample application for .NET

The BDE can be used in VCL for .NET applications to work with local dBASE and Paradox® files. In order to work with database management systems (DBMSs) such as InterBase,® Oracle,® Microsoft® SQL Server, IBM® DB2,® or Informix,® you need to use a different dataaccess technology. For InterBase, the choice can be IBExpress (IBX) or dbExpress, but for others, the only VCL for .NET data access technology available is dbExpress.


Many dbExpress sample applications shipping with Delphi 7 are based on CLX for cross-platform compatibility between Delphi 7 and Kylix 3. This means some uses clauses must be

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