One category of VCL components that wasn't migrated to VCL for .NET is the Decision Cube. Because the source code is included with Delphi 7 (at least in the Enterprise edition), you can attempt to migrate these components yourself if you desperately need them

Data Access components

In the Data Access category, the TXMLTransform, TXMLTransformProvider, and TXMLTransformClient components are not included with Delphi for .NET. Support for XML in .NET can be found in the System.Xml namespace.

The Data Controls category is complete, with the exception of the TDBChart component.

Although the BDE is still supported in .NET, this only covers the local table components TTable, TQuery, TDatabase, TSession, and TBatchMove, and not the SQL Links specific components TStoredProc, TUpdateSQL, TNestedTable (which are therefore not available in the Tool Palette, although they can be found in the VCL for .NET unit Borland.Vcl.DBTables.pas).

In the dbExpress category, components from VCL are present in VCL for .NET with the exception of TSimpleDataSet.

The InterBase (for InterBase Express) and InterBase Admin categories are complete, with the exception of the TIBEvents component from the InterBase tab, and the TIBInstall and TIBUninstall components from the InterBase Admin tab.

The DataSnap category in VCL for .NET contains only the TDCOMConnection component, and not TSocketConnection, TSimpleObjectBroker, TWebConnection, TConnectionBroker, TSharedConnection, and TLocalConnection. Note that TConnectionBroker can be found in Borland.Vcl.DBClient.pas, TSharedConnection in Borland.Vcl.MConnect.pas, and TLocalConnection in Borland.Vcl.TConnect.pas.

Using the TDCOMConnection component in Delphi for .NET, developers can build DataSnap clients connecting to Win32 Delphi DataSnap servers, which is another way the Win32 and .NET worlds are bridged.

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