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Many new powerful technologies in the Microsoft .NET Framework are available to developers. Some of these, such as ADO.NET, make current Win32 technologies either unnecessary or obsolete. This section describes the data access technologies offered by Delphi 7 and explains whether and how they are available to use in VCL for .NET applications with Delphi for .NET.

The following table gives an overview of the available data access technologies in Delphi 7, and lists the VCL for .NET counterparts in Delphi for .NET:

Delphi™ 7

Delphi 8

Borland® Database Engine (BDE) (dBASE, Paradox®)

BDE (dBASE, Paradox)

SQL Links


Borland® dbExpress (InterBase,® Microsoft® SQL Server,® Oracle,® IBM® DB2,® Informix®)

dbExpress (InterBase, SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, Informix, SQL Anywhere®)

Borland® IBExpress™ (IBX)

IBExpress (IBX)

Borland® dbGo™ for ADO

not available at this time

Table 2: Data-access technologies

Table 2: Data-access technologies

Apart from dbGo™ for ADO, which was not ported to .NET, we have the choice of BDE (SQL Links is deprecated (see,1410,28688,00.html ) but local BDE for dBASE and Paradox tables is still present), dbExpress, and InterBase Express (IBX).

The sample applications from Delphi 7 that illustrate this, and are migrated to Delphi for .NET with little to no modifications, are Demos\Db\FishFact (BDE) and Demos\Frames\Db (BDE). Apart from these two sample applications, we'll build a small dbExpress application in Delphi 7 and move it over to Delphi for .NET.

Also, for reporting purposes, Rave Reports® is available with Delphi for .NET.

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