Integrated development environment

When you start Kylix, you are immediately placed within the integrated development environment, also called the IDE. This environment provides all the tools you need to design, develop, test, debug, and deploy applications.

Kylix's development environment includes a visual form designer, Object Inspector, Component palette, Project Manager, source code editor, and debugger. You can move freely from the visual representation of an object (in the form designer), to the Object Inspector to edit the initial runtime state of the object, to the source code editor to edit the execution logic of the object. Changing code-related properties, such as the name of an event handler, in the Object Inspector automatically changes the corresponding source code. In addition, changes to the source code, such as renaming an event handler method in a form class declaration, is immediately reflected in the Object Inspector.

The IDE supports application development throughout the stages of the product life cycle—from design to deployment. Using the tools in the IDE allows for rapid prototyping and shortens development time.

A more complete overview of the development environment is presented in the Quick Start manual included with the product. In addition, the online Help system provides help on all menus, dialogs, and windows.

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