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In Delphi the lists of recent projects and files have always been limited to a fixed size, 5 for projects and 10 for files (units). Now in the File | Reopen menu you can pick the Properties command and open up a configuration dialog box, which lets you both change that number and and clean up the list, by removing non-existing files and individual entries you don't care about:

Delphi Programming Properties

Although this is a nice addition, I think I'd still prefer using the project management features of the Welcome page, which let's you pick specific projects and mark them as favorites, so that they remain available over time. In the Welcome page you can also group favorite projects and manage these categories. If you are used to that (like I am), the extensions to the recent files will help you only with individual files and units, not with projects. Though using both techniques together gives the best of both worlds.

Keep in mind, though, that the recent files can be stored on a project by project basis, when you let Delphi save Project Desktop settings. In this case the list of recent files depends on the active project, which is not a bad idea after all. That list, though, cannot be managed in the same way of the global one.

There is a problem that might happen if you increase the number or files or projects and your screen has a limited resolution. In case the second level menu with the list of projects and files doesn't fit on the screen, it will simply not show up at all (rather than showing a partial list)! This is a bug of the PopupAc-tionBar control used by the IDE and the only work around is to reduce the number of items in the list.

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