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In this section I've explored countless improvements to classic VCL controls in Delphi 2009, partially related with new features provided by the operating system. I also shown an example of one brand new component, the CategoryPanelGroup.

This is not the only new visual component of the VCL, quite the contrary. A notable extension to the native set of VCL controls in Delphi 2009 is the support for the Ribbon user interface. This topic is so significant that I've decided to devote a specific chapter to it, rather than covering it in this all-encompassing VCL updates chapter.

Before we get to the Ribbon control, though, there is another area of the VCL that was significantly modified in Delphi 2009: COM support. As we'll see in the next chapter, there is the introduction of an interface definition language (RIDL), a different role for type library files, a new IDE pane, and updated Wizards. For those who use COM in their architecture, this is positive news.

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