Updated Components Wizards

The dialog boxes used to create a new VCL component or import a component (an ActiveX control or a .NET assembly, to be used like a COM control) have been improved and turned into multi-step wizards.

The actual capability to create an empty component skeleton or one wrapping an external control, has not been modified significantly. The only new feature is the ability (for both wizards) to install the component into an existing package or into a new one which you have to name.

The relevant change is in the user interface of this wizard you can activate from the Components menu of the IDE. For example, the initial page of the New VCL Component wizard has a search box used to filter the base class component to inherit from:

As you proceed, filling in the class name and other standard details, you'll get to the final page, which let's you create a new package or add the new component to an existing one, as shown in the next page.

New VCL Component


Choose to create a unit or add the created unit to an active package. After the unit is added to a package it can be installed through the Install Packages dialog.

Install to Existing Package © Install to New Package

[ << Back ] Nest >> [ Finish ] [ Cancel ] [ Help

In case you have an active package project, you'll see an extra option to add the new component to it. Similar capabilities have been added to the Import Component wizard. We'll see some of these wizards in practice in Chapter 9, while cover COM programming and in particular importing a type library in Delphi 2009.

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