Unicode Before Delphi

If Unicode support in the core of the language (for the string type) and throughout the runtime library and visual component library (VCL) is certainly a brand new feature in Delphi 2009, partial support for Unicode has been part of Delphi for many years now.

For many versions, mostly to support COM, Delphi had a WideChar data type (16-bit characters) and a WideString data type (strings made of WideChar characters). However, the WideString type was not (and still is not) reference counted and is far less efficient than regular Delphi strings. It is merely an encapsulation of the COM BSTR data type21.

There are also several units and classes with specific support for WideStrings, including the feature-rich WideStrUtils unit (which also includes a good amount of UTF-8-related functions), the TWideStringList class, and extensive WideString support in the TDataSet and TField classes.

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