TEncoding = class

TMBCSEncoding = class(TEncoding)

TUTF7Encoding = class(TMBCSEncoding) TUTF8Encoding = class(TUTF7Encoding) TUnicodeEncoding = class(TEncoding)

TBigEndianUnicodeEncoding = class(TUnicodeEncoding)

The TUnicodeEncoding class uses the same UTF-16 LE (Little Endian) format used by the UnicodeString type. One object of each of these classes is available within the TEncoding class, as class data, and has a corresponding getter function and class property: type

TEncoding = class pubiic class property ASCII: TEncoding read GetASCll; class property BigEndianUnicode: TEncoding read GetBigEndianUnicode; class property Default: TEncoding read GetDefault; class property Unicode: TEncoding read GetUnicode; class property UTF7: TEncoding read GetUTF7; class property UTF8: TEncoding read GetUTF8;

The TEncoding class has methods for reading and writing characters to byte streams, to perform conversions, plus a special function to handle the BOM called GetPreamble. So you can write (anywhere in the code): I TEncoding.UTF8.GetPreamb1e

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