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In Delphi 2006, you could type while the Tool Palette was selected to filter components starting with those letters (with the exception of the initial T). In Delphi 2007 you could do the same, but also by selecting text inside the component name, so you could pick, say, IdHTTP by typing the more obvious HTTP. In Delphi 2009, the Tool Palette has the same behavior as Delphi 2007, but with a different user interface that makes it more obvious to all users that you can search the components list by typing:

Tool Palette


Ki '1

m Search

i; Standard





0 i US) |X


® a



E b □ m

i Additional

■ Q S B


mS 0


4 © ¡^ H


As you select the palette (the handy shortcut is Ctrl+Alt+P), you can start typing in the search box (rather than in the caption of the pane) and the Tool Palette will filter the components being displayed:

Tool Palette


Si -1 fc i

CX buttali

% Standard


Q TButton

® TRadloButton

% Additional

Q TSpeedButton

(ï TButtonedEdit


There is another change in the Tool Palette. As many people complained because of the excessive scrolling needed to reach the categories towards the bottom of the list, the auto-collapse of categories is now the default behavior. Another behavior you can fine-tune is whether the current selection of the Search box is kept after selecting a component or not.

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