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Along with a redesign of the Project Options dialog box (which I still haven't completely covered when examining the new build configuration features) Delphi 2009 sees a significant update of the Project Manager pane, one of the most commonly used panes of the IDE. Even a cursory glance of its window will reveal some of its new features:

UnicodeWinApi.dprqj - Project Manager

Hp Activate - New tf Remove Views ~

fe Sync Expand ^ Collapse


S? ProjectGroupl Ô UnkodeWinApi.exe

Eh À Build Configurations jr1 Debug Release

Ë H CnicodeWinApiForm.pasj g UnicodeWinApiForm.dfm

* 1:-- —1 »

You can see there is a new Build Configurations node, with sub nodes, used to activate a build configuration in a much simpler way than in Delphi 2007. This topic is covered in the later section "Build Configurations and Configuration Settings".

The Project Manager toolbar has several new buttons, up to the point that you'd generally want to remove the Text Labels using the context menu of the toolbar itself. The new Sync button selects the current file in the editor in the Project Manager, only if the file is part of the project, of course. The opposite operation (that is, activate the current selection of the Project Manager in the editor) can be done with a double-click.

The Expand and Collapse buttons will recursively expand and collapse all nodes under the current node. Apply Expand to a project group and you'll see a tree with all configuration and file nodes of all project in the group. Very handy, I have to say. The fourth new button, Views, is covered in the next section.

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