The Potentially Missing Parenthesis

Notice that in the code above I used the AnonMeth symbol to refer to the anonymous method, not to invoke it. For invoking it, I should have typed: | AnonMeth (2)

The difference is clear; I need to pass a proper parameter to invoke the method. Things are slightly more confusing with parameterless anonymous methods. If you declare:


TAnyProc = reference to procedure; var

AnyProc: TAnyProc;

The call to AnyProc must be followed by the empty parenthesis, otherwise the compiler things you are trying to get the method (its address) rather than call it: | AnyProc ();

Something similar happens when you call a function that returns an anonymous method, as in the following case taken from the usual AnonymFirst example:

function GetShowMethod: TIntProc; var x: Integer; begi n x := Random (l00);

ShowMessage ('New x is ' + IntToStr (x)); Result :=

ShowMessage (IntToStr (x)); end;

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