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For those of you new to my books, and for those who haven't read a recent one, my name is Marco Cantu, and I've been in the "Delphi book writing" business since the first version of the product, when I released the original "Mastering Delphi" (a hefty tome of 1,500 pages). This was not my first writing experience, as I had previously written works on Borland C++ and the Object Windows Library.

Over the last few years, beside my continuous involvement in the Delphi community, I've also devoted a lot of time to XML-related technologies and XSLT, with web services (including SOAP and REST implementations), JavaScript and AJAX, and other Web 2.0 technologies. After a break, I got back to writing by self-publishing my books, not only on Delphi, as I ended up also with a volume on social networks.

Beside writing, I keep myself busy with consulting (mostly on applications architectures), helping selling Delphi in Italy, doing code reviews, Delphi mentoring, and general consulting for developers.

I'm also a frequent speaker at Delphi and general developer conferences, including the new online CodeGear conferences. If you are interested in inviting me to speak at a public event or give a training session (on Delphi 2009 or any advanced subject) at your company location, feel free to send me a note over email.

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