The Action List and Action Manager Components

Action objects exists in memory but are not VCL components. In fact, they are managed by container components, called ActionList and ActionMan-ager. The former is an older and simpler actions container, the latter introduced user interface integration and generation, which are being extended. The ActionList component has a special component editor you can use to create several actions (including many predefined actions) and manage them. Actions are grouped in textual categories:

^ Editing Form33,ActionListl


(All Actions)

Action1 Action2

The ActionManager component, originally introduced in Delphi 6, has further options to let you create and manage an user interface for the actions. Beside the collection of actions, the ActionManager has a collection of toolbars and menus tied to them. The development of these toolbars and menus is completely visual: You drag actions from a special component editor of the ActionManager to the toolbars to access the buttons you need. Notice that working with the Ribbon is somewhat similar; you can drag actions to Ribbon groups to have ready-to-use Ribbon command buttons.

Components of this architecture include, beside the ActionManager component itself, an ActionMainMenuBar control, an ActionToolBar control, a PopupActionBarEx component, and a CustomizeDlg component used to let end users customize the user interface. These visual components are not used when you work with a Ribbon, so I don't want to cover them in detail. Instead, let me build a step by step example using the ActionManager and a Ribbon control.

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