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Another brand new feature is the Project Manager views configuration. On the right side of the toolbar, you can see a new Views button, that let's you change how the Project Manager shows files that have been placed in different folders. There are three options. I tested them by creating a sample program (called ProjManagerTest) with two forms in the main folder and two units in a secondary folder called Shared and placed at the same level in the file system hierarchy:

• Directory (Nested) is the default setting (and the only one available in Delphi 8 to Delphi 2007) that shows the files grouped by directory and the directories mimic the actual disk structure with separate nodes you can expand (so you might have have to expand multiple nodes to move down a couple of sub-folders):

• Directory (Flat) is a new view in which the files are still divided by directory but each different directory is part of a list regardless of its position on the file system. In other words, you get a list of folders, each containing files, rather than (possibly) other nested folders:

ProjMairiagerTest.dproj - Project Manager


« m vk


g!5 ProjectGroupl - (pfp ProjManagerTesLexe

r ^ HelperUnit.pas L jg) MyUtils.pas ©-■[11] DialogBox.pas ©-•[jji] MainForm.pas

< rrr | f

• List is a new view corresponding to the traditional Delphi 7 list of files in the project manager. Directories are simply ignored and you get an alphabetic list of files:

ProjManagerTest.dproj - Project Manager

tt « m -i^fci


IS1 ProjectGroupl B -||p ProjManagerTest.exe

©■■ ^ Build Configurations El-HU DialogBox.pas HelperUnit.pas ©■■III MainForm.pas L MyUtils.pas

4 1_MT_1 h

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