Porting an Old Data Snap Demo

Having explored some of the alternatives in using DataSnap 2009, let me get back to the most classic usage scenario, that is multi-tier database applications. As we've already seen the steps for creating a brand new Data-Snap database application, let now focus on a equally relevant issue: porting an existing DataSnap (or MIDAS) application to this new architecture.

As a practical example, I've decided to port the ThinPlus155 application of Mastering Delphi 2005, which showcases a few capabilities of DataSnap, and will let me cover a more complete example, besides focusing on what needs to be done to port a COM server invoked from a client using a socket to a pure socket-based architecture. The new example (with server and client projects) is in the ThinPlus2009 folder.

Notice that porting DataSnap applications to the new architecture is an interesting option, but not a compulsory one. Traditional DataSnap servers and clients can still compile and work properly in Delphi 2009.

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