Porting a Simple Custom Dataset

For Mastering Delphi 7 I wrote143 a custom dataset based on a record-to-stream architecture. So I thought that porting that custom dataset to Delphi 2009 would be a good test of the effort involved in such a process.

143 The original code actually dates back to my Delphi Developer Handbook, written for Delphi 3, and was modified for the Delphi 7 book. I have no room here to cover in detail what it takes to write a custom dataset, as that is far from an easy task. If you are interested in learning about the details of how to write a custom dataset you can refer to one of those two old books of mine.

Having done this porting (without going all the length to support Unicode strings in my dataset), I have to say it was simple. The custom dataset is divided in two source code units: the MdDsCustom unit, which defines an abstract high level TMdCustomDataSet class, and the MdDsStream unit, which defines the actual implementation class TMdDataSetStream.

I opened both units, did a Search/Replace of PChar to TRecordBuffer finding 19 occurrences in the first unit and 4 in the second, and accepted them all. Most of the references to PChar where in the signature of the virtual methods that have been modified, a couple were local temporary variables used to store the current buffer, obtained with the ActiveBuffer method of the TDataSet class that now returns a TRecordBuffer.

At this point the component would compile. In the main program I had to tweak the code for testing bookmarks, by declaring the local variable as:

That was it! In a matter of minutes the custom dataset was up and running, and I could even reopen an existing demo file, with some data. The dataset source code files and the demo program are available in the StreamDsDemo folder. Here is the sample output:

T0 Dataset One Demo 1 ■=■ I B

Create New Table W Active m -i ►

w + -

P4 Bookmark test










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