Parameters Extensions

Like fields, parameters have a few new properties, but in this case you can not only see support for the new field types, but also for the new kinds of parameters used for DataSnap: type

TParam = class(TCollectionItem) publ ic property AsShortInt: LongInt; property AsByte: LongInt; property AsLongWord: LongWord; property AsLargeInt: LargeInt; property AsAnsiString: AnsiString; property AsBytes: TBytes; // Used by TSQLServerMethod property AsDataSet: TDataSet; property AsParams: TParams; property AsStream: TStream;

More on these new kinds of parameters in Chapter 12 , where I'll cover the new DataSnap. Notice that the core implementation of these parameters, though, adds support for an IParamImplementation interface, used to assign objects to the Variant value of a TParam object. There are a few predefined classes implementing this interface: the TParamObject class (for generic parameters), the TParamDataSetObject class (for dataset parameters), the TParamParamsObject class (for parameters representing parameters, and the TParamStreamObject class (for stream parameters).

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