New and Aliased Integral Types

Although this is not strictly a compiler change, but rather an addition in the System unit, you can now use a set of easier-to-remember aliases for signed and unsigned integral data types. These are the signed and unsigned predefined types in the compiler:




Byte Word








These types were already in Delphi 2007 and previous versions, but the 64bit ones date back only a few versions of the compiler. The Nativelnt and NativeUInt types, which should depend on the compiler version (32 bit and future 64 bit) were already in Delphi 2007 but they were not documented and, even worse, they were not correct!

If you need a data type that will match the CPU native integer size, these are the types to use. The Integer type, in fact, is expected to remain unchanged when moving from 32-bit to 64-bit compilers.

The following set of predefined aliases added by System unit is however brand new in Delphi 2009:

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