More and Less Fast Code

Over the last few versions of Delphi, CodeGear has borrowed (in a way that is compliant with the original license) several routines from the FastCode project111. Now, although these routines are still in the product, most of them related to string management and are not in the new AnsiStrings unit, and are probably not going to be used as much as the corresponding Uni-codeString routines. On the plus side, for FastCode integration, there is a new optimized version of the RoundTo in function in the Math unit.

This chapter on assorted compiler changes and new features of the Delphi run time library completes the second part of the book, focused on the IDE and the compiler. The third part of the book will be focused on the VCL, including new features in supporting Vista, the Ribbon user interface, translation support, and COM support. After that it will cover database programming and multi-tier database applications.

111 See http: // for more details on the FastCode project and its current status (last time I checked activity was quite low).

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