Commandproperties Containedcontrol

Caption = '&Search:' Marco Cantu, Delphi 2009 Handbook

CommandStyle = csControl CommandProperties.Width = 150 CommandProperties.ContainedControl CommandProperties.LabelWidth = 50 end item

Caption = '&Pick:' CommandStyle = csControl NewRow = True

CommandProperties.Width = 150 CommandProperties.ContainedControl CommandProperties.LabelWidth = 50 end>

ActionBar = RibbonGroup7 end>

Again, the ActionManager architecture and the new Ribbon control with its support classes have so many features, that I could go on for many more pages covering them. Here, in any case, are a few more interesting suggestions (not shown in practice in my demo):

  • You can customize the Application menu, for example changing the "Recent Documents" caption or the icon size by using the ApplicationMenu property of the Ribbon control.
  • Similarly, you can customize the behavior of the Quick Access menu by setting various sub-properties of the QuickAccessToolbar property of the Ribbon control
  • The reason you don't set a size for the Ribbon groups but let them adapt to the size of the contained items is due to a specific request of the Fluent UI Design Guidelines.
  • Users can right-click on Ribbon items to add them to the Quick Access Toolbar and perform related operations.
  • ButtonedEdit1
  • TreeView1

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