First introduced by Borland on February 14th 1995, Delphi has a long and glorious history of success in the Windows development and client/ server areas. With millions of applications written in its Object Pascal language, Delphi spawned an entire ecosystem of components, tools, magazines, books, and (of course) web sites and online resources.

Delphi is now in its 12th version, the 20th if you count all the way back to its predecessor Turbo Pascal1, which was first released 25 years ago. What's new in this version of Delphi is the company owning the product!

With the acquisition of the CodeGear division of Borland on July 1st, 2008, Delphi became a subsidiary of Embarcadero Technologies. This change of ownership happened quite late in the Delphi 2009 development cycle, so the only practical effect of the change is the inclusion of ER/ Studio in the Architect version of the product. Since the start of the CodeGear division within Borland, though, there has been a renewed focus (and investment in terms of R&D, QA, and Docs) on Delphi, specifically in its Win32 version. That's why it is relevant to focus for a second on some higher-level political issues.

1 The current version of the Delphi compiler, in fact, is 20.00. This is highlighted by the value of the VER200 define, mentioned in the section "Compiler Version" at the beginning of Chapter 7.

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