Installing and Running

Like Delphi 2007, the installation of Delphi 2009 is based on InstallAware. This time around, though, the installation experience has been considerably improved, particularly in speed. Delphi 2009 installation can be completed in 20 minutes rather than several hours. The installation of the Update 1 of the product (released at the end of October 2009) is equally smooth.

A noticeable change in this respect is the fact that the help is now a separate installation, so it can be updated more frequently and separately from the main product (so you don't have to reinstall Delphi to get updated help, or to reinstall help should you want to reinstall the IDE). Installing help can take way more time than installing the actual product and the help install image is bigger than the IDE one.

When installing on Windows Vista, you'll have (by default) the product installed in the following folders:

C:\Program Fi1es\CodeGear\RAD Studio\6.0 C:\Users\Public\Documents\RAD Studio\6.0\Demos\ C:\Program Fi1es\Common Fi1es\CodeGear Shared

.NET SDK Not Needed

Previously, since Delphi 8 up to and including Delphi 2007, one of the prerequisites for installing the IDE was the presence of the Microsoft .NET SDK (version 1.1 earlier, version 2.0 later)63. It is not needed for Delphi 2009. You still have to install the considerably smaller Microsoft .NET runtime, which you might already have as part of the operating system, but don't need the Development Kit, which is much bigger and requires hundreds of MB.

The help engine used by CodeGear is Microsoft's Document Explorer, or DExplorer. This was previously available only in the SDK, but now can be

63 The .NET SDK was required for the Document Explorer, until Microsoft made available a standalone help installer. Other portions of the .NET architecture used by the Delphi IDE, including the MSBuild engine, are part of the standard runtime, not of the SDK.

deployed as a separate install, which is what CodeGear is using in this version of Delphi.

Delphi help is very large (which is why it takes so much time to install), as it includes both CodeGear documentation and the Microsoft Platform documentation. In this release, however, the team fixed some "ranking" issues so that Delphi-specific topics should always be listed before the generic platform ones. Delphi-specific content was also much improved.

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