Generic Global Functions Well Almost

As mentioned earlier, you cannot declare a generic global function, but you can have a generic class with a class method, which is very close. This is a sample declaration, taken from the TypeCompRules demo: type

TGlobalFunction<T> = class publ ic class function AlmostGlobal: string; class function WithParam (tl72: T): string;


There isn't much you can do inside a similar class method (at least unless you use constraints, covered later in this chapter), so I wrote some code using special generic type functions (again covered later), which is not relevant to discuss here.

You can call various versions of this "global generic function" as follows:




If you call the method with a parameter, however, the parameter's type must match the generic type declaration. So the first two lines below compile, the latter two won't:

TGlobalFunction<TButton>.WithParam (btnGlobal); TGlobalFunction<string>.WithParam ('foo');

TGlobalFunction<Integer>.WithParam (btnGlobal); // [Error] TGlobalFunction<string>.WithParam (203); // [Error]

72 When I first wrote this code, probably with a reminiscence of my C++ days, I wrote the parameter as (t: T). Needless to say in a case insensitive language like Object Pascal, this is not a great idea. The compiler will actually let it go but issue errors every time you refer to the generic type T.

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