Exit with a Value

Traditionally Pascal functions used to assign a result by using the function name, as in:

function ComputeValue: Integer; begi n

ComputeValue := 10; end;

Delphi has long provided an alternative coding, using the Result identifier to assign a return value to a function:

function ComputeValue: Integer; begi n

The two approaches are identical and do not alter the flow of the code. If you need to assign the function result and stop the current execution you can to use two separate statements, assign the result and then call Exit. The following code snippet looking for a string containing a given number in a string list (part of the MinorLang example) shows a classic example of this approach:

function FindExit (sl: TStringList; n: Integer): string; var

I: Integer; begi n for I := 0 to sl.Count do if Pos (IntToStr (n), sl[I]) > 0 then begi n

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