Notice that the use of variant array parameters still works, even if the transport mechanism used by DataSnap 2009 is now different. On the client side, the btnParamClick event handler has two more lines of code to retrieve these extra properties from the data packet:

TDateTime (cdsQuery.GetOptionalParam( 'Time'))); Label1.Caption := 'Param ' +

cdsQuery.GetOptionalParam( 'Param');

There are a few more features in DataSnap that have been moved over to the new version, but this overview of the ThinPlus2009 program (mostly unchanged from its original version written in Delphi 6) should be enough for my goals: Show you the power of DataSnap and how easy it is to migrate even a complex application to the Delphi 2009 socket-based (and COM-free) version of DataSnap.

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