procedure ECustomException.

RaisingException(P: PExceptionRecord); begi n

// log exception information (to file would be smarter!) FormExceptions.Log( 'Exception Addr: ' + IntToHex (

Integer(P.ExceptionAddress), 8)); FormExceptions.Log( 'Exception Mess: ' + Message);

// modify the message

/// standard processing inherited; end;

What this method implementation does is to log some information about the exception, modify the exception message and than invoke the standard processing of the base classes (needed for the nested exception mechanism to work). The method is invoked after the exception object has been created but before the exception is raised. This can be noticed because the output produced by the Log calls is generated before the exception is caught by the debugger! Similarly, if you put a breakpoint in the RaisingException method, the debugger will stop there before catching the exception.

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