This class is part of the VarProp example. Now what is very odd is that you can have side effects within the property setter:

procedure TMylntegerClass.SetNumber(var Value: Integer); begi n

100 This is the name Delphi R&D team member Chris Bensen gave to this feature it its blog post introducing the topic:

http: / / chrisbensen.blogspot.com/ 2008/04/ delphi-put-by-ref-properties.html

The other very unusual effect is that you cannot assign a constant value to the property, only a variable (which should be expected, as with any call involving a parameter passed by reference): var mc: TMyIntegerClass; begi n mc.Count := l0; // Error: E2036 Variable required mc.Number := n;

Again, this feature was introduced for COM support, and you'll see it at the beginning of type library files. Oddly enough if you define a "put by ref" property of string type, you can pass a string variable to it... but the compiler also lets you assign a string constant, which will cause an error at runtime. This is demonstrated in the VarProp example.

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