Notice that while the TGetValue<T> generic class implements the generic IGetValue<T> interface, the TButtonValue specific class implements the IGetValue<Integer> specific interface. Specifically, as in a previous example, the interface is remapped to the Left property of the control:

function TButtonValue.GetValue: Integer; begi n

In the class above, the MakeTButtonValue class function is a ready-to-use method to create an object of the class. This method is used by the third button of the main form, as follows:

procedure TFormGenericInterface.btnValueButtonClick(

Sender: TObject); var iVal: IGetValue<Integer>; begi n iVal := TButtonValue.MakeTButtonValue (

self, ScrollBoxl); Log ('Button value: ' + IntToStr (iVal.GetValue)); end;

Although this is totally unrelated with generic classes, here is the implementation of the MakeTButtonValue class function:

class function TButtonValue.MakeTButtonValue(

Owner: TComponent; Parent: TWinControl): TButtonValue; begi n

Result := TButtonValue.Create(Owner); Result.Parent := Parent; Result.SetBounds(Random (Parent.Width),

Random (Parent.Height), Result.Width, Result.Height); Result.Caption := 'btnv'; end;

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