DbExpress in Delphi

Delphi 2007 saw a significant update to the dbExpress architecture, with the release of version dbExpress IV. Delphi 2009 has some improvements, but they can be considered as minor... if you don't keep in the picture the support for multi-tier data that has been dubbed DataSnap 2009, but is technically part of the dbExpress architecture, as least on the client side. DataSnap 2009 is the subject of the next chapter, so I won't cover it here.

Focusing only on client/server applications, what are the changes in dbExpress? Nothing astonishing, but some interesting improvements (and a couple of problems). I'll explore the changes by working on a very simple dbExpress program borrowed from Delphi 2007 Handbook (and originally written for Mastering Delphi 6, I believe). The new version of the program is called DbxMulti2009.

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