COM and Unicode

One of the reasons changes in COM support and COM clients in particular, are limited is due to the fact that COM applications generally don't use plain Delphi strings but rely on the native and COM-enabled WideString type (or BSTR in COM terms). As we saw in Part I of the book, the WideString type already used two-bytes per characters and did not change since Delphi 2007. The reason this less-efficient string type is still round is for COM and Automation support, so it should come at no surprise I'm talking about it in the section focused on COM.

In slightly more technical terms, one of the advantages of the WideString type is that you can use it in a remote server call as its data can be marshalled to a COM Automation server. This won't be the case for UnicodeString, a data type which makes sense only in Delphi and not in other languages (with the notable exception of C++Builder 2009, of course).

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