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custKey := TCustomerKey.Create; custKey.CustNo := dataset [ 'CustNo']; custKey.Company := dataset ['Company']; self.Add(custKey, TCustomer.Create (custKey)); dataset.Next; end; end;

The demo program has a main form and a data module hosting a Client-DataSet85. The main form has a ListView control that is filled when a user presses the only button.

After loading the data in the dictionary, the btnPopulateClick method uses an enumerator on the dictionary's keys:

85 You might want to replace the ClientDataSet component with a real dataset, expanding the example considerably in terms of usefulness, as you could run a query for the keys and a separate one for the actual data of each single TCustomer object. I have similar code, but adding it here would have distracted us too much from the goal of the example, which is experimenting with a generic dictionary class.

procedure TFormCustomerDictionary.btnPopu1ateClick(

Sender: TObject); var custkey: TCustomerKey; listItem: TListItem; begi n

DataModulel.ClientDataSetl.Active := True; CustDict.LoadFromDataSet(DataModulel.ClientDataSetl);

for custkey in CustDict.Keys do begi n listItem := ListViewl.Items.Add; listItem.Caption := custkey.Company; 1istItem.SubItems.Add(FloatTOStr (custkey.CustNo)); listItem.Data := custkey;



This fills the first two columns of the ListView control, with the data available in the key objects. Whenever a user selects an item of the ListView control, though, the program will fill a third column:

procedure TFormCustomerDictionary.ListViewlSe1ectItem( Sender: TObject; Item: TListItem; Selected: Boolean); var aCustomer: TCustomer; begi n aCustomer := CustDict.Items []; Item.SubItems.Add(IfThen (aCustomer.State <> '', aCustomer.State + ' + aCustomer.Country, aCustomer.Country));


The method above gets the object mapped to the given key, and uses its data. Behind the scenes, the first time a specific object is used, the property access method triggers the loading of the entire data for the TCustomer object.

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