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Until a few years back, the Panel component was a commonly used component with limited features, even if it did support docking. In Delphi 2006 it got a significant redesign, with the advent of panels that don't use absolute positioning for the controls they contain, but a specific positioning rule. These special panels are the FlowPanel control and the GridPanel control123. All controls gain a small new feature, as you can now disable the (almost

122 The role of the Action Manager architecture and of the related components is going to increase significantly starting with Delphi 2009 thanks to the connection with the Ribbon components, covered in Chapter 9.

generally useless) panel caption, by triggering the new ShowCaption property to False rather than setting the Caption property to an empty string.

You might wonder if this was really needed, as we managed to live without this feature for so many years, but the fact is that panels can now be hosted by a new custom VCL control, called CaterogyPanelGroup. This panel container uses the hosted panel caption as a title, so the Caption is needed to identify the panels even when you don't want it to be visible.

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