The ToDo List

Another feature added in Delphi 5 was the to-do list. This is a list of tasks you still have to do to complete a project, a collection of notes for the programmer (or programmers, as this tool can be very handy in a team). While the idea is not new, the key concept of the to-do list in Delphi is that it works as a two-way tool.

In fact, you can add or modify to-do items by adding special TODO comments to the source code of any file of a project; you'll then see the corresponding entries in the list. But you can also visually edit the items in the list to modify the corresponding source code comment. For example, here is how a to-do list item might look like in the source code:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject); begin

// TODO -oMarco: Add creation code end;

The same item can be visually edited in the window shown in Figure 1.4.


The Edit To-Do Item window can be used to modify a to-do item, an operation you can also do directly in the source code.

The exception to this two-way rule is the definition of project-wide to-do items. You must add these items directly to the list. To do that, you can either use the Ctrl+A key combination in the To-Do List window or right-click in the window and select Add from the shortcut menu. These items are saved in a special file with the .TODO extension.

You can use multiple options with a TODO comment. You can use -o (as in the code excerpt above) to indicate the owner, the programmer who entered the comment; the -c option to indicate a category; or simply a number from 1 to 5 to indicate the priority (0, or no number, indicates that no priority level is set). For example, using the Add To-Do Item command on the editor's shortcut menu (or the Ctrl+Shift+T shortcut) generated this comment: { TODO 2 -oMarco : Button pressed }

Delphi treats everything after the colon, up to the end of line or the closing brace, depending on the type of comment, as the text of the to-do item. Finally, in the To-Do List window you can check off an item to indicate that it has been done. The source code comment will change from TODO to DONE. You can also change the comment in the source code manually to see the check mark appear in the To-Do List window.

One of the most powerful elements of this architecture is the main To-Do List window, which can automatically collect to-do information from the source code files as you type them, sort and filter them, and export them to the Clipboard as plain text or an HTML table.

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