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The Project Manager doesn't provide a way to set the options of two different projects at one time. What you can do instead is invoke the Project Options dialog from the Project Manager for each project. The first page of Project Options (Forms) lists the forms that should be created automatically at program startup and the forms that are created manually by the program. The next page (Application) is used to set the name of the application and the name of its Help file, and to choose its icon. Other Project Options choices relate to the Delphi compiler and linker, version information, and the use of run-time packages.

There are two ways to set compiler options. One is to use the Compiler page of the Project Options dialog. The other is to set or remove individual options in the source code with the {$X+} or {$X-} commands, where you'd replace X with the option you want to set. This second approach is more flexible, since it allows you to change an option only for a specific source-code file, or even for just a few lines of code. The source-level options override the compile-level options.

All project options are saved automatically with the project, but in a separate file with a .DOF extension. This is a text file you can easily edit. You should not delete this file if you have changed any of the default options. Delphi also saves the compiler options in another format in a CFG file, for command-line compilation. The two files have similar content but a different format: The dcc command-line compiler, in fact, cannot use .DOF files, but needs the .CFG format.

Another alternative for saving compiler options is to press Ctrl+O+O (press the O key twice while keeping Ctrl pressed). This inserts, at the top of the current unit, compiler directives that correspond to the current project options, as in the following listing:

  • A+,B-,C+,D+,E-,F-,G+,H+,I+,J+,K-,L+,M-,N+,O+,P+,Q-,R-,S-,T-,U-,V+, W-,X+,Y+,Z1}
  • MINSTACKSIZE $00004000}
  • MAXSTACKSIZE $00100000} {$IMAGEBASE $00400000} {$APPTYPE GUI}

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