Advanced Data Snap Features

There are many more features in DataSnap than I've covered up to now. Here is a quick tour of some of the more advanced features of the architecture, partially demonstrated by the AppSPlus and ThinPlus examples. Unfortunately, demonstrating every single idea would turn this chapter into an entire book (and not every Delphi programmer is interested in and can afford DataSnap), so I'll limit myself to an overview.

Besides the features discussed in the following sections, the AppSPlus and ThinPlus examples demonstrate the use of a socket connection, limited logging of events and updates on the server side, and direct fetching of a record on the client side. The last feature is accomplished with this call:

procedure TClientForm.ButtonFetchClick(Sender: TObject); begin

ButtonFetch.Caption := IntToStr (cds.GetNextPacket); end;

This allows you to get more records than are actually required by the client user interface (the DBGrid). In other words, you can fetch records directly, without waiting for the user to scroll down in the grid. I suggest you study the details of these complex examples after reading the rest of this section.

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