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The View pull-down menu combines the features you usually find in View and Window menus. There is no Window menu, because the Delphi environment is not an MDI application. Most of the View commands can be used to display one of the windows of the Delphi environment, such as Project Manager, the Breakpoints list, or the Components command. Some of these windows are used during debugging; others when you are writing code. Most of these windows will be described later in this chapter.

It is possible to add a new item to the View menu, CPU Window, which can be used during debugging to view the Assembler code generated by the Delphi compiler, execute it step by step, and view the status of the CPU registers.

The commands on the second part of the View menu are important, which is why they are also available on the default toolbar. The Toggle Form/Unit (or F12) command is used to move between the form you are working on and its source code. If you use a source code window big enough to hold a reasonable amount of text, you'll use this command often. As an alternative, you can place the two windows (the editor and the form) so that a portion of the one below is always visible. With this arrangement, you can click on it with the mouse to move it to the front.

The New Edit Window command opens a second edit window. It is the only way to view two files side by side in Delphi, since the editor uses tabs to show the multiple files you can load. Once you have duplicated the edit window, you can make each one hold a different set of files, or view two portions of the same file.

The last two commands on the View menu can be used to hide the toolbar or the Components palette, although this is a good way to make Delphi look silly and uncomfortable. Working on forms without the Components palette is certainly not easy. If you remove both the toolbar and the Components palette, the Delphi main window is reduced to a bare menu.

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