Adding New Form Templates to the Object Repository

Just as you can add new project templates to the Object Repository, you can also add new form templates. Simply move to the form you want to add, right-click on it, and select Add to Repository from the local menu. In the dialog box that appears (see below), you can choose which form of the current project should be added to the Repository, and set the title, description, author, page, and icon, as usual. Once you have set these elements and clicked on OK, the form is added to the proper page of the Object Repository.

This approach is suggested if you have a complex form to make available to other applications and other programmers. They will be able to use your form as is, make a copy of it, and inherit from it. For this reason, adding forms to the Repository is far more flexible than adding projects, which can only be copied as the starting point of a new application.

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