Types of unidirectional datasets

The dbExpress page of the Component palette contains four types of unidirectional dataset: TSQLDataSet, TSQLQuery, TSQLTable, and TSQLStoredProc.

TSQLDataSet is the most general of the four. You can use an SQL dataset to represent any data available through dbExpress, or to send commands to a database accessed through dbExpress. This is the recommended component to use for working with database tables in new database applications.

TSQLQuery is a query-type dataset that encapsulates an SQL statement and enables applications to access the resulting records, if any. See "Using query-type datasets" on page 24-42 for information on using query-type datasets.

TSQLTable is a table-type dataset that represents all of the rows and columns of a single database table. See "Using table type datasets" on page 24-25 for information on using table-type datasets.

TSQLStoredProc is a stored procedure-type dataset that executes a stored procedure defined on a database server. See "Using stored procedure-type datasets" on page 24-50 for information on using stored procedure-type datasets.

Note The dbExpress page also includes TSimpleDataSet, which is not a unidirectional dataset. Rather, it is a client dataset that uses a unidirectional dataset internally to access its data.

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